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Who We Are?

Short Term is a website that deals with a wide variety of short term loans and bridging loans.


We do not lend money directly but act as a broker and specialise in providing short-term finance, bridging finance, secured loans and development finance. We work independently which enables us to access the best lenders so that we can provide the best available finance deals to our customers.

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Who Regulates Us?

Our website is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we are authorised to do certain consumer credit activities.

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Our terms of use may change from time to time as we have to comply with legal requirements and make technical adjustments. You should check them each time you are going to use our website. All the changes will be displayed on the website and we will try to give you notice if there is any major change.

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If you found that your social media account is compromised or someone else has accessed your account without your permission you should inform us immediately.

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When you make an account and register yourself on our website it means you may be given a chance to receive marketing emails from us. However, we allow you to manage your subscription preferences through the website and unsubscribe from communication whenever you want. We may also send you service emails related to your account.

User’s Responsibilities

The purpose of this website is to:
Our website is designed to provide you with general information. By offering this service we are not:

We suggest you take professional advice before taking or refraining from an action on the basis of the information provided on this website. We will inform you about the terms and conditions of the supplier and you have to accept them if you want to get their service.


You also agree that:


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If anyone causes damage to our website or acts against these terms and conditions may give rise to legal action.

Third-Party Websites

We deal with different types of loans and financial products so we have relations with intermediaries and third parties. There may be links to third parties, services and products on our website but they are not affiliated with us. We do not have any control over their services or product that is why we can not provide any guarantee or take responsibility for them.


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