Best Short Term Loan For Bad Credit UK

how to get loan if you have bad credit

In everyone’s life some difficult financial situations happen that seem too hard to overcome. One of these situations is when you need quick funds to meet emergency financial needs but your bad credit history makes it challenging for you to secure a loan. Short term loans for bad credit provide a solution for people with bad credit history.


It is of no surprise that most high street lenders and banks do not grant you a loan if you have a below-average credit score. It means when you have a bad credit score you will always be worried about being rejected for a loan. 

    ” In this article, we are describing how a short term loan for bad credit UK can help you and if you can get it with bad credit.”

At a Glance:

Short Term Loans For Bad Credit

Short-term loans for Bad credit are made for people who suffer from an imperfect credit report. This does not mean that there will be no credit checks. All the lenders are required by law to perform credit checks on all customers. However, lenders have the option of ignoring it and focusing on customer’s employment. Your first priority should be to try and improve your credit.


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You need to evaluate your existing credit, repay all the debts by making a plan and you can try debt consolidation. You will not get good credit by just repaying the debt. Nonetheless getting back to zero is a good sign towards rebuilding credit.

What Is A Bad Credit Loan?

All the individuals in the UK have a file kept on them by the lenders on banks that records their credit history that is known as credit score. It is expressed in numbers and the higher your credit score the more reliable borrower you are considered. But when you fail to repay a loan on time your credit score goes down and it will become difficult for you to get a loan in future.


A bad credit loan is especially designed for individuals who have bad credit history. This type of loan usually has more restrictions and a high interest rate to reduce the risks for lenders. Different types of online loans for bad credit are available such as short term loans, secured loans, guarantor loans and personal loans.

How Bad Credit Can Affect Short Term Loans

How To Get A Loan If You Have Bad Credit?

Don’t make a rushed decision and make sure to research and evaluate all the options to find the best short-term loans for bad credit options. You need to find a lender who knows your credit score doesn’t represent the bigger picture. You need to make sure that you don’t fall for scams. We will of course help you so you can avoid scams.


It’s always easier to understand things when you break them down.We have broken down some important factors that you need to take into consideration when looking for short term loans for bad credit.

Loan Limits:

It is very common for lenders to offer low amounts of loans to people with bad credit. However, you need to find a lender that allows you to borrow a big amount of money.

Average Percentage Rates APRs:

Unfortunately you can not get a low cost short term loan . However, you need to be looking if they have excessive APRs. So it is important to look out for lenders who have competitive interest rates relative to your credit.

Charges And Fees:

Usually loan fees include an origination fee, late payments fee, prepayments fee and unsuccessful payment fee. There are some lenders who may not charge any kind of fees but those are just too good to be true. You need the type of lenders who keep their fees to a minimum.

Loan Terms:

When you borrow a loan you may want to pay it off as soon as possible but sometimes you need a longer-term repayment to keep the repaying amount low. You need lenders who do not lock down the term of payment but allow you to choose payment terms according to your flexibility.

How Short Term Loan Bad Credit Can Help You


Before taking a step further into loan taking you must search for the company’s review online. There are many sites which provide non-bias true review of lenders. Don’t just read a review from one site, make sure to search extensively.

Beware Of Scams:

Bad credit puts you in a vulnerable spot when you want to search for a loan. However, even if your terms are not as favourable as they would be with excellent credit, that doesn’t mean you ought to accept any old offer. We are here to help you keep your eyes peeled for these red flags as you begin searching for Short-term loans for Bad credit.

The Guarantees:

Legitimate lenders don’t need to tell you that you can get a loan without first asking for your income, credit history, and other personal information. Any lender who guarantees that they approve you before assessing your information is almost certainly bad news.

UP-Front Fees:

According to the law lenders cannot charge you simply for filling out an application.

A Lot Of Un-Initiated Contacts:

You need to be careful if you’re getting constant emails or calls from a certain company. Legitimate lenders don’t pursue potential customers like this.

Unnecessary Requests For Personal Information:

When you have a bad credit score it shows that you are a risky borrower and can default on a loan. As a result, you have to pay a higher interest rate on short term loans for bad credit. Usually, they are more expensive than long-term debts. Short term debts already have higher rates than conventional bank and long-term loans and when you have bad credit it will cost more.

Are Short Term Loan For Bad Credit More Expensive?

When you have a bad credit score it shows that you are a risky borrower and can default on a loan. As a result you have to pay a higher interest rate on short term loans for bad credit. Usually they are more expensive than the long term debts. Short term debts already have higher rates than conventional bank and long term loans and when you have a bad credit it will cost more.

This high interest rate is to provide a protection to the lenders against defaults. You should check your credit score regularly and take steps to improve it so that you can secure a loan at better rates.

best short term loan for bad credit UK

How Bad Credit Can Affect Short Term Loans?

Your credit history and score follow you throughout your life so it is essential to protect your credit score from unnecessary harm. From your previous credit activities and credit bureaus, lending companies can get your information about money handing. If you borrow money and make timely repayments, your credit score will be improved. Everytime you open your credit file it is noted by the credit agencies. Over time the positive outcomes are rewarded with a good credit score and negative ones result in penalties ultimately lowers your credit score.
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It will become challenging to secure a loan with a bad credit score. Whenever you apply for a loan, companies conduct a hard credit check that includes information about your name, address, personal information, outstanding credit, bankruptcy, house repossession, bankruptcy and other public information. When you have a bad credit history, traditional lenders conduct a hard credit inquiry and offer strict lending criteria.

However, there are some short term loan providers that offer flexibility and consider applications with bad credit scores. They conduct a soft inquiry and do not leave a mark on your credit profile. It means you can use short term loans as an alternative to traditional loans and fulfil your financial needs when everyone turns you down.

How Can You Improve Your Credit Score?

As a bad credit score causes several difficulties in getting loans, it is a priority of every UK consumer to improve their credit score. Here we described some ways that can help you improve your credit rating.

Regularly Check credit Report:

Credit reference agencies do not have a direct insight into your personal financial affairs and run their business without it. Their reports consist of your payment information and data they receive from third parties and from the facts and figures they get from public sources. As a result, there are chances of mistakes that can cause an adverse effect on your credit score. 

The only way to ensure your credit profile is right and up to date is to regularly check whether the information is correct or not. All the credit reference agencies are legally bound to entitle an annual copt of every individual’s credit report. If you do not check it regularly minor mistakes will grow and become bigger problems and leave a bad impression about your finance handling. Eventually it will become difficult for you to get a loan.

Make Payments On Time :

Your credit file tracks all your current credit accounts and also contains the information about credit payments on your past credit accounts. If you want to improve your credit rating or protect credit score, you have to make timely payments without any exception. When you fail to repay any loan or instalment on time it causes a negative impact on your credit score and brings it down several points. 

Lenders may give a customer courtesy and verlook a single late payment, but most banks and credit card companies do not give this courtesy and report your poor payment habits to credit reference agencies. 

“Once your credit profile is tagged with a bad credit borrower, future lenders are less likely to accept your loan applications.”

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Open Only What You need:

The credit industry of the UK is growing continuously and everyone is trying to attract customers in different ways. Some of them are offering introductory offers and incentives to those who open new lines of credit. It makes no sense to get new credit cards or open new lines of credit unless you have any particular purpose.

       “If you open accounts more than your requirements, it can leave you with too many active balances that reflect your poor credit management skills.”

Wipe Outstanding Balance:

One of the best ways to preserve a favourable credit score or to improve it is to make timely repayments. But it is not enough, and along with timely payments you should try to completely pay off your debts. When you have this kind of habit it reflects that you are responsible and fulfil your commitments. As a result, you will be rewarded with a high credit score.

Avoid Over Utilising Available Credit :

Your credit rating is highly influenced by your payment history and way of using available lines of credit. For example, a number of credit cards growing towards your designated spending limit are considered a negative thing by credit reference agencies. In order to improve your credit score, you should avoid utilising all the available credit. We suggest you always leave plenty of room under your credit limit.

How Short Term Loan Bad Credit Can Help You?

The individuals in the UK are using different funding sources to fulfil their short term financial needs. Building societies, banks, credit card companies and other funding sources fulfil diverse requirements, ranging from daily purchases to paying unexpected utility bills.


Although conventional lenders are providing various products for qualified borrowers, the eligibility criteria and approval process may not always be ideal for the borrowers who need quick cash. When short term financial needs arise both good and bad credit borrowers look for quick funding sources. 

” Following are the benefits that you can get by taking out short term debts : “

Are Short Term Loan For Bad Credit More Expensive

Quick Access:

Short term financing is typically used to address personal financial needs when borrowing needs quick access to cash. The loan approval process for short term debts is faster than the conventional bank loans.


The application process takes only a few minutes to complete and you can get funds transferred to your bank account within a matter of days. In addition, you do not need to complete any lengthy paperwork and can apply for online loans for bad credit without any hassle.


When you apply for a standard bank loan you have to visit and consult several bank branches to find a loan that meets your requirements. It may be difficult for you to spare time for doing this legwork. In contrast, you can apply for short term loans for bad credit UK from anywhere. It saves you time and makes all the process from finding a lender to making repayments more convenient than ever.

short term loan for bad credit uk

Diverse Use:

one good thing about short term loans is that they are not designed for any specific purpose. You can take it out for any legal reason such as paying unexpected bills, car repair, home renovation or any other personal requirement. Like all other loans you have to repay the loan amount plus the interest rate on pre decided time.

Flexible Sums:

Despite the efforts of managing finances effectively, your financial future is in flux and it is not easy to predict how much money you will need in case of any emergency situation. Short term loan providers offer flexible solutions, allowing you to borrow the amount that you need. However, before taking out a loan you must work out to find out how much you need. 

“Typically, you can get short term loans for bad credit ranging from £50 to £2,500. “

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Easy Repayment Terms:

short term online debts are designed to provide fast financial solutions that are quickly repaid. Lenders offer flexible and affordable repayment terms and are transparent about all the upfront charges, so there are no unexpected charges that disturbs your repayment schedule.


Short term loans for bad credit UK is an excellent funding source providing quick cash, without delay. When you need a lift from one payday to the next, or for any other situation the flexible online solution can help you to secure funds even when other finance opportunities turn you down.