Vehicle Insurance

What is Short Term Vehicle Insurance?

A short term vehicle insurance is also known as temporary insurance as it covers you for a short time and usually lasts between 1 hour to 28 days. It is a good alternative if you can not afford an annual insurance for your vehicle. The type of vehicle varies from insurer to insurer and most of them offer insurance for car, motorhomes, and bikes. If you do not use your car regularly, then short term insurance is perfect for you when you want to go on a trip or when using your vehicle in an emergency. In short term vehicle insurance you will get the same level of cover as in annual car insurance policy but for a shorter period. It is a cheaper and flexible option rather than making amendments to your yearly car insurance.

How Does It Work?

Short term car insurance is easy to set up, and you can get it quickly whenever you need. You may need a short-term insurance as a new driver, for test driving a car, to go on a short trip, or when you are taking someone else’s car for use. There is a limit of how many times you can take temporary insurance in a year. For having short term vehicle insurance, you must be between 18 to 75 years. And you need to provide some necessary information to the insurance provider that includes your name, address, driving license, car details, driving history, and for how much time you want the insurance. After checking and validating all your information, the insurer will provide you with a short term insurance for your car.

Advantages and Disadvantages: