Is Personal Capital Safe?

is personal capital safe

Personal capital software is the application that helps you to manage all of the aspects of your financial status. There is not a single application out there to manage all of your capital except personal capital, every single finance managing software is used for different purposes. Some of them deal with budgeting, some are good for debt tracking, and some of them are investing and good for saving goals.

You can use all of these to make your financial status trackable and will build a system for you that will get all the things done by itself.

Are you using Personal finance software? Because if you are not using this finance managing tool then you should, it will make you sure that all of your financial dealings will be safe and will advise you to invest at the right time. Your next question will be, is Personal Capital safe?

Every business will do its best to secure its financial reports and to invest in the right place, and that’s exactly the purpose behind creating this software. Let’s have a deep discussion about this well-known platform.

Introduction to Personal Capital

This platform was introduced in 2009 as the first digital manager and the best advisor for portfolio management. It is acquired by Empower Retirement which distinguishes itself from investment management tools, money management tools, cash flow, and retirement planning.

It can make any U.S resident get a high-interest rate saving account with free banking service, which is a golden opportunity for all U.S citizens. 

This application works as a personal advisor which helps in investments that require $100,000 at least with its charges also to begin at 0.89% AUM. This was its surface-level information let’s have a deep view.

How does Personal Capital work?

This is the best kind of high Robo advisor and a budgeting application that help you to use your savings in many profitable works.

Free Budgeting Application

The most interesting thing about this application is that all of you will be able to use its free budgeting tool just after linking your account with this application. Then you will be able to get access to its dashboard the same as Mint and the rest of the finance advising software where you can see all of your financial track records where you have invested and how much you are getting returned and the rest of your account activities.

Free Investment Planning

After linking your investment account with this application then you will be able to use its free investment tools which will help you to invest in the right place.

It also provides the saving tools to you which will offer many different manageable ways to save your money and after saving a handsome amount you can seek the same investment plan from this platform which can make your savings more profitable for you. After getting familiar with its functionality, let’s talk about its security protocols.

Is Personal Finance Safe?

The personal finance platform is one of the most secure and encrypted places. Even its employees can’t access the client’s data which makes it an unquestionable secure place. Following are the security protocols:
  • Its security is comparable with payment cards and banks 
  • Encrypted 
  • Transaction emails which let its user know about every activity 
  • An insurance policy for the future privacy of the company will keep it safe from bankruptcy

Authentication with Biometric and Multi-Factor

Before getting access to your personal finance dashboard you need to be careful and verify all the respective things which you use during getting a login.

Multifactor authentication is one of the most secure ways of getting a login that will never allow any stranger or so-called hacker to be on your way. While login you will receive a code at your mobile number or email which you need to enter if you want to login.

And after that, you need to go for biometric authentication with your face and fingerprints to make sure that anyone else will not be able to access your personal information. Now you guys are getting clear that how secure this application is and you can go for it without getting confused.

Keep Your Data Safe

Top-notch security is possible with world-class encryption, that’s the reason that this finance software secures your data with AES-256 encryption. You can keep all of your financial planings and the rest of the things under its supervision and we are damn sure that your data will be safe and sound. Because of its high-security protocols, many well-known organizations are also using and prefer this application to save their all financial conversations and plans even the U.S military also uses this software for all of their financial dealings. After making sure that your security protocols are fine then we will use the multi-layer key management to make things easy for you. Keep noticing all of these key concepts which will clear all of your doubts about its security and after that, you will be able to keep your financial data in its security.

Constant Improvement In Security

This software has become a hot topic in the whole industry and many people are getting attached to it because of its unquestionable security. In recent days because cybercriminals and many other respective security issues in the market are alarming them to keep changing and applying different security protocols to make this software unapproachable for all the strangers.

The only way to make it possible is that you need to hire some ethical hackers who will tell you all of your weak points which can make the hackers able to access the personal information of their clients.

After knowing all of these mistakes they take different precocious steps to make it more secure for its users which is a very impressive thing. They used to try different things to secure every perspective of this platform which will falsify all the hacking attempts.

Fraud Detection

Security is not a one-time protocol, it is compulsory to monitor all of your data safely. When you will link your account with the Personal Finance software it will keep informing you about all of your financial information.  It will keep informing you by sending transaction monitor emails which will keep you in touch with all of your financial activities. This protective step of this software is making it impossible to hack someone’s personal information because whenever anyone will try to make it happen then you would be informed automatically.

What if Someone Accesses your Personal Capital Account?

In the current financial software, this one is the most secure and trustworthy. This is not possible at all that any stranger can get access to your account.

This application is well known for its security purposes and it will never be going to share any of your personal information with any irrelevant seeker. And is against the company’s rules and regulations to share any of its client’s information without his permission.

Is my Data Safe with Personal Capital Software?

This is one of the most common questions which usually come to your mind when you decide to register your account with this application but you need to be trustful if you are going to be its part.

Then you need to understand its functionality that how it works and where it stores all of your passwords. When you will be clear about both of these things you will be good to go with this without having any doubts in your mind.

Personal Capital Review

Many of its free tools will make you able to arrange the right sources to invest in, track your whole financial system, and make the right investments to get a high-profit percentage.

Most of the time people work their best and earn handsome capital but they waste all of their money because of a lack of investment education and experience. It’s the best platform for high-net-worth clients to provide customer service.

Key Points

  • It’s the best Robo advisor for portfolio management for High net worthy clients  
  • Every paying client will get direct access to financial advisors 
  • It provides a free service to track your financial dealings and management
  • Availability of private equity investments


  • Many management tools 
  • CFP advisors 
  • Live phone customer service 
  • Simple and user friendly


  • Need at least $100,00 investments 
  • Management investment fee of 0.89% AUM
  • Phone call needed from a firm

Account Setup

When you will signup for your personal finance account you will receive an email to enter your date of birth, and phone number and choose any password according to yourself. Your call will be connected with the financial advisor to ask you that you just need its free tool to track your financial status and to guide you about future investments or just the basic service of advisory. You will get all the required information about your respective financial advisors. The following steps are required to link your account. The whole process is secure and fast. The following are the most essential accounts to include:
  • Debt 
  • Bank 
  • Investment 
  • Credit Card 
  • Home Mortgage 
  • Manual categories
After signing up for your account you will be able to use all of its following free tools and will track your whole financial things, and will also be able to make different successful investments and financial goals which are necessary to make your financial status much better. You will surely be going to answer certain questions about your goals, and financial status to know your current status which will help your respective financial advisory to make strong, authentic planning for making your future financial activities.

Account Services

It provides banking with no minimum amount and the respective personal finance advisor will provide all the necessary information to you about investment and all the rest of the financial planning. These loans will provide competitive interest rates without closing costs. Your Personal finance advisory will make a proper financial plan for future planning related to your investments based on your account and loan information. Because if you will not financially stable or able to achieve your goals then it would be a difficult thing for them to take the best options of loans for you. But your financial condition needs to be compatible enough to make sure that you can get the loan for your financial activities and goals. You will surely be going to use the following tools after getting a sign-up:
  • Budgeting 
  • Net Worth Tracker
  • Cash flow
  • Savings planner
  • Investment checking tool
  • Analyzer 
  • Education Planner
The retirement planner is one of the best things for you which will make you able to invest your savings in the best way to secure your future and make it more productive. All of these tools will be free to use and will help you to improve your financial status. After your account registration with this software, you will be able to use these tools.


After this fruitful conversation, you will be able to get the answer to the question, Is Personal Capital Safe? Many other finance managing applications are working out there but this one is the most engaging platform for its users because of its high-security protocols.

After getting registered with this application you will be able to use its free tools which will make your financial activity more trackable and will help you to invest at the most secure platforms to get maximum profit. After reading the Personal Capital reviews you will get familiar with that why this platform is trustworthy for its users.

We have opened all of its secrets for you and hoping that all of you can know how this software is helpful for your financial activities? Now it’s all up to you.