Incfile Review 2022

If you are looking to register a company or a top business formation service that can handle all the paperwork, keep up with your accounting, and guide you through the entrepreneurial process, you must consider Incfile. It can help you in bookkeeping, business formation, business licence searches and many other processes. You may find a lot of companies offering similar services, but Incfile has a prominent space in this highly competitive industry.

You may not have heard about this service before and have many questions in your mind. In order to streamline your research, we are going to describe everything you need to know about Incfile, including its features, pros and cons and pricing plans. In this way, you can make a better decision whether Incfile is the right service for you or not.        

What Is Incfile?

Incfile is one of the best business formation services, and it was founded in 2004. It helps entrepreneurs to turn their businesses into limited liability companies (LLC). It has a large suite of formation, filing and compliance services. The services are customised depending on the state in which your business operates. Since its emergence, the company has been highly focused on efficiency in its processes. In addition, it uses advanced technologies to streamline business formation processes. what is incfile When you decide to take Incfile services, you have to pay a flat, one-time fee which means there are no long-term contracts or retainers to pay. Although Incfile offers numerous LLC services, its core services are as follows:
  • An easy-to-use formation service in all 50 states and Washington DC. 
  • Compliance service along with the filing of annual reports. 
  • Accounting services and bookkeeping. 
  • A registered agent service for all the businesses operating in any of the 50 states.
Since its emergence, the company has helped more than 250,000 companies to take their business to the next level.

Who Is Incfile For?

Incfile is for anyone who wants to make a limited liability company, but it is more suitable for small business owners who are looking for services at an affordable price. Other than business formation, Incfile helps with S corporation, C corporation and non-profit formation.

In-Depth Review Of Incfile Services

With Incfile, you can get several kinds of legal assistance, including the following:

Incfile Reviews

Due Diligence

Before your company can be up and running, you have to ensure that your business name is available and that you have all the required local, federal and state licences. Incfile helps you by running a business name availability check and business licence search.

Registered Agent Services

If you register your business using any of Incfile’s plans, you will get free one year of registered agent services. After one year, you have to pay $119 per year to continue this service.  All the corporations and LLCs need a registered agent, and when you have Incfile’s registered agent, he can receive IRS mail correspondence, documents and legal proceedings on behalf of your company. Moreover, this registered agent has a physical presence in your state and also has a registered address. Therefore, the state government can contact you through this address for any legal proceedings.  Through an online dashboard, you can access all your information. All the information and legal correspondence are automatically sent to users, and users also receive a notification via SMS or mail when any document is received.

Certificate of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing is helpful for business owners when filing business taxes, obtaining a loan or renewing a business license. The secretary of state provides this certificate and acts as evidence of your business entity. With Incfile, you can get this certificate for $49 plus state fees.

Annual Report

An annual report is meant to give the state information on the prior year’s activities of a business, and it also describes the state updates on business details or changes in ownership. Incfile can help you in filing your annual report for a fee of $99 plus state fees. 


Incfile’s annual report service can help you file reports containing the detailed purpose of your business, registered agent authorised agreements, and a number of stock shares issued by your company. In addition, it helps businesses to submit executive summary reports, financial forecasts, projection reports and opportunity risk reports.

File Business Taxes

Incfile offers bookkeeping and business accounting services that help businesses in filing taxes. This service takes care of all the steps of tax filing, from preparation to reconciliation and transactions. It starts with a new client kickoff call to discuss available services and ensure that the user’s account is completely set up.

Incfile grants you access to mobile-friendly bookkeeping software and unlimited access to accountants to discuss IRS notices and tax-related questions. In addition, you will receive quarterly financial reports and continuous updates on bookkeeping.

You can contact Incfile for free tax consultations and to get pricing information.

Foreign Qualification

When business owners want to do business in another state, they need to apply for foreign qualifications. It usually happens when you are expanding your business or have branches of business in multiple states. Incfile helps you in getting a certificate of authority so that you can operate outside your state.

To secure a certificate of authority, you need a certificate of good standing from the state of origin, and Incfile helps you in getting that certificate. You have to pay $149 and the state fees to get this service.

Company Changes

If your company undergoes certain changes such as a change in registered agent, company name or other information change, Incfile will help you in filing necessary papers.

Incfile Tax ID Number

A tax ID number is helpful for businesses in establishing credit, paying wages, filing tax returns and opening a business bank account. Typically businesses get this tax ID number from the IRS’s website, but if you do not want to get it from there, you can consider Incfile’s tax ID number service.

Incfile will set this up within one business day and also handles all the interactions with the IRS. You can get this service in Incfile’s Gold and platinum plan, and it costs $70 plus state fees.

Incfile Pricing And Features

To start a business with Incfile, you must choose a pricing plan. It comes in three different packages, each with different features. Let’s see the complete details of each package so that you can choose the right one for your business:

Incfile Pros And Cons

In order to make an informed decision, you must know the benefits and drawbacks of Incfile. So here we are describing some pros and cons to help you in making your decision.


  • It allows you to create your LLC free of cost, and also, you can choose a paid plan according to your budget. 
  • Free registered agent service for one year is included with business entity formation. 
  • Unlimited phone and email support and real-time order tracking until you get your final documentation. 
  • Online dashboard to access online documents.  
  • Manage your business updates, such as changes in the business name or registered agent.  
  • Automatic lifetime alerts that notify you about upcoming compliance deadlines. 
  • All company filings are stored online that you can access later.


  • Cancellation and refund policies are not easily accessible. 
  • No legal form builder to create legal documents or contracts. 
  • Some add-ons are very costly. 
  • Limited support option.
  •  It does not offer an option to consult with or retain a lawyer. 
  • Lack of website assistance.

"Incfile charges $30 as a cancellation fee, so you must be sure about what you are ordering.

Should I Start An LLC With Incfile?

Starting LLC with Incfile
When it comes to choosing Incfile for business formation, you can see that it has far more advantages than disadvantages. But, of course, whether you should Incfile for your business formation or not depends on your situation. If you are low on budget but need help creating an LLC, Incfile is one of the best LLC formation services. It also offers you an option to choose an entirely free plan for LLC formation, but it has limited features. However, if you are not low on budget, you can go for premium paid service to get maximum features that help you in business formation. On the other hand, if you are highly concerned about responsive customer support, you should look for Incfile’s competitors. Therefore, it is the only scenario where we do not recommend Incfile to our readers.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Incfile is one of the best business formation services that help small business owners to create business entities and file taxes and compliance documents. Business owners can use this service to form any type of company and add bookkeeping services. We recommend Incfile for your business formation, whether you are going to form an LLC, non-profit organisation or corporation, because it offers all the features that you need to get started.


If we compare Incfile to its competitors, we can see that it offers more affordable pricing, and its silver plan is free of cost and still includes features that are necessary to start an LLC formation. However, it also has some drawbacks you must consider before making a final decision. The company falls behind due to responsive customer service and web development services. However, the cons of Incfile are minor as compared to its pros. With its bookkeeping services, entrepreneur guides, registered agent service and business license search, you will have everything to keep your small business moving forward.