Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies. These technologies access information on your device. It also helps us to remember something about you or your device.


Our cookie policy will explain which cookies and technologies we use and you can set your preferences through your device settings.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are described as small text files that are placed on a device (like a computer or mobile that you use to access the internet) by advertisement companies and the websites you visit. The term cookie is used to describe cookies and other files which differ slightly but perform similar actions. There are different types of cookies depending on how intrusive your browsing experience is. The main types of cookies are:

Essential Cookies

These are the strictly necessary cookies that you have to accept if you want to move around the website and use its features like secure areas of the website. Without accepting these cookies you are not able to access the services or results that you have asked for. This type of cookie is usually placed by the website you are using and expires when you leave the website.

Performance Cookies

This type of cookie uses technology to get information about how a user uses our website. For example which pages users visit most often and if there is any error while using any page. All the information collected from these cookies are aggregated and therefore anonymous. It is used only to provide a better user experience. Typically, these are first-party cookies but are sometimes also set by third-party websites. They can also be session or persistent cookies that may stay on your device after the completion of your browsing session.

Advertising Cookies

These types of cookies are used to deliver advertisements that are more relevant to you or your interests. You can also use these cookies to limit the number of times you want to see an advertisement. They also help advertisers to assess the performance of advertising campaigns. Such cookies are placed by the advertising agencies with the permission of the website operator. Sometimes advertising cookies contain links to another website. These types of cookies are usually set by third parties and are persistent. It means they track your activities when you are browsing on the internet.

Functionality Cookies

Through these cookies, the website remembers your choices such as your name, language and region and offers more personal features. For example, a website will be able to provide you with the local content by storing a cookie in your region. These cookies also remember the changes you made to the customisable parts of the website. The information collected through these cookies can not be used to track your browsing on other websites.

How We Use Cookies

If you have ever taken part in the survey on the short term, cookies may be used to remember who has already taken part in the survey. When you provide any information such as at the time of filling the application form cookies are used to remember your information for the future. To provide you with the best user experience we provide you with the functionality to set your preferences on how this website runs when you use it. To remember user preferences we set cookies so that whenever you visit our website or a page these preferences are called.


When you use our website we track the following in order to know how well our website is working:

We use this information to maintain our website and enhance the user experience. Any personal information that we store is never shared with third parties.

Third-Party Cookies

In some special situations, we also use third-party cookies. We ensure to use only the cookies of trusted third parties. For example, we may use Google Analytics to determine how a website is used. This cookie will track the time a user spends on the website or pages visited by users. There may be some cookies used by advertising companies. We also have social media buttons on our site that helps us to connect with users on social networks.


This cookie policy applies to our website and we are not responsible for any third-party cookies or websites. These third parties may set their own cookies on your device and collect information.


We may change our cookie policy regularly and inform and keep users up to date on this page about changes we make. So you should come back often to know about changes.