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What is

Revolving Credit?

A revolving credit is a credit type that is a credit that is issued by the financial institutions to the borrowers to withdraw cash when needed, repay and withdraw again. It is considered as a flexible financial tool because of its flexible repayments and reborrowing options. The interest rate of such loans is variable. For instance, if the interest rate rises in the credit markets, the banks or lenders also increase the variable loan interest rate. You can take a revolving credit loan as an individual or as a business. The loan approval criteria varies with the stage, size and industry in which your business is. You have to provide the necessary financial and personal information as an individual to get the loan.


There are several companies that provide revolving credit loans in the UK. Here we are providing you with three top providers so that you can choose one that meets your requirements.

NO1 CopperPot Credit Union

No1 CopperPot Credit union is a non-profit organisation that provides financial services specifically to police families. It is the largest police credit union in the UK. This union is passionate to encourage savings, provide affordable loans and efficient services. Credit union operates through the savings of its members. All the members submit their savings every month. These savings are used to offer loans, and the profit earned from these loans is shared as annual dividends among the users. 


This credit union offers revolving credit that allows you to borrow funds whenever you need them. It is a flexible option because you can make repayments and reduce your balance. You can keep withdrawing cash up to your pre-approved limit. You can take an amount of £500 to £5000, and there is no maximum repayment term on a revolving credit loan.




Tappily is a financial service provider launched in 2017. It is a sister company to Safetynet credit and also provides revolving credit loans. With a line of credit, a lender borrows a specific amount whenever you want. Unlike term loans revolving credit loans facility remains available for an indefinite period. To apply for a revolving credit loan at Tappily, you have to provide visibility of your bank account. It means you have to give the bank permission to share your transaction information with Tappily. If your loan is approved, the money is transferred to your bank account within 15 minutes. 

Tappily offers you a credit limit of up to £2500 that is available to borrow anytime you need. It charges a daily interest on the amount you borrow.



1st Class Credit Union

1st Class Credit Union was founded in 1992 and originally set up to facilitate the employees of Royal Mail Group in Glasgow. It is a non-profit organisation that is owned and run by its own members. Over time it increased its membership, now covering the whole UK. Now it is offering membership to employees of Royal Mail Group, Communication industry, Public and Commercial Service Industry(PCS), retired members of communication workers and retired members of PCS union. It offers revolvings credit loans to the members who need funds regularly at short notice. You can repay the amount on a weekly or monthly basis according to your choice. As you repay the amount, funds become available into your account again. 

You can take an amount of £500 to £3000. It offers loans for a period of two years at an interest rate of 12.7% APR.