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up to £50,000

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£75000 to £100,000


£75,000 to £100,000

What is

Short term home insurance?

Short term home insurance is a type of insurance that protects your home when you leave it unoccupied for more than thirty days. Mostly your home insurance content policy would not cover you for this long. Shortterm home insurance offers you the same level of protection as annual or long term home insurance policy. However, when your home is empty the risk of damage and break in is more so there is a need to purchase a second policy for this time to reduce the risk. A good short term insurance covers building, contents, property owner’s liability and legal expenses.  There are several home insurance providers that offer short term home insurance. You must shop around and select the one that provides you maximum coverage and competitive interest rate. 

Here we are providing you the UK’s top insurance provider so you can select one that suits your requirements without any hassle.


HomeProtect is a trading name of Avantia Insurance Limited. It is an award winning and fast growing business that specialises in providing online home insurance. HomeProtect provides insurance for unoccupied property or homes. This home insurance covers you in many situations that can arise when your home is empty for more than 30 days for example fire damage or legal expenses. Unoccupied home insurance is an appropriate source of insurance when your annual home insurance does not provide you a cover. HomeProtect Insurance also covers your home for renovation as long as you want. It’s unoccupied home insurance covers legal expenses up to £50,000, structural damage up to £500,000 and up to £500 for temporary fixes or failure of utilities.




Aviva is the largest general insurance provider in the UK. It has 15 million customers and offers home insurance as separate building and content insurance or combined. It also offers optional extras to tailor the policy according to requirements of customers. Aviva has two tiers of policies one is standard and the other is Aviva plus policy. These policies offer different types of covers and you can choose one that fulfil your requirements. If you want to protect your belongings and not the building then their content insurance could help you.  Content cover starts from just £61 and the cost depends on the amount you wish to insure your contents for. The greater the amount the more you have to pay for cover. 


Aviva’s content insurance provides cover for damaged or lost contents, food in the freezer and personal money. You can make claims easily online or over the phone and they will respond to you quickly.




Liverpool Victoria has been providing general insurance products to UK residents since 1843. Now it has become a leading and most reliable insurance provider in the UK. The company provides you home and content insurance policies. If you want to get short term insurance you can avail of the content insurance to protect the belongings inside your house for a certain time period. Content insurance protects you against theft, loss or damage to your personal possessions inside your home. The price of content policy is affected by several factors such as the area you live in, material your home is made of, the impact of severe weather and how much secure is your home.  


To get a quote you have to provide some necessary information such as your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and any home insurance claim made within the last five years. LV’s home insurance starts from just £95.




AXA is a company that offers a wide range of business and personal financial products including car, travel, van and home insurance. AXA is operating in almost 64 countries and it is among the largest insurance companies in the world. It offers three different packages of home insurance named as homesmart, homesure and home safe so customers can easily choose one that meets their budget requirements. However, if you want a short term insurance you must go for content insurance. AXA offers three options for sum insured for contents i.e £75000, £85000 and £100,000. You can make claims online on the website or by calling their contact number.



Legal & General

Legal & General was established in 1836 and has now developed into one of Europe’s biggest insurance groups. It offers a vast range of insurance products including travel, pet and home insurance. It also offers other financial services such as investments, mortgages and retirement options. You can purchase building and content insurance combined or separately. There are additional cover options that you can add to your policy so that it meets all your requirements. You can purchase content insurance to protect your personal belongings. Legal & general offer two types of content insurance named silver and gold. The content sum insured can be upto £1,50,000.



Policy Expert

Policy Expert is UK’s number 1 home insurance provider. It provides insurance directly to the consumers and also compares home insurance policies from other insurance providers such as Aviva, AXA and others to help you find a policy that meets your requirement. It offers a range of insurance covers for building and contents. The content insurance sum covered ranges from £75,000 to 100,000. Moreover it offers optional extras such as home emergency, legal expenses, sycle cover and accidental damage. If you want to make a claim you can do it via phone or email as soon as possible within thirty days of the event.