Can You Insure A Car Temporarily

Can You Insure A Car Temporarily

Temporary car insurance is a flexible way to protect your car for a short period. Not everyone needs car insurance that lasts for 12 months. Let’s suppose you borrow a friend’s car while your car is in the workshop for repair, with shortterm insurance your car temporarily gets an instant cover for emergencies. It can be a cheaper and more convenient alternative to annual car insurance if you do not need insurance for an entire year. It can provide you with a cover for a single day, weeks or somewhere in between. However, before purchasing a short term insurance policy, it is essential to understand what it covers, why you need it and from where you can buy it. 

What Is covered In Temporary Car Insurance? 

Short term or temporary car insurance provides you with a cover that is similar to annual car insurance. However, some insurers provide you with third party fire and theft damage as an alternative option. Comprehensive temporary car insurance provides you with a cover for 1 hour to thirty days, depending on your needs. It covers you for accidental or malicious damage to your car and legal liability if a person is injured, died, or their property is damaged. Some car insurance companies offer temporary car insurance for multiple drivers, and the details of covers vary from insurer to insurer. 

What Is Not Covered By Shortterm Car Insurance? 

Like all other insurance policies, there are some things that are not covered by short term car insurance. That includes:

  • A theft or damage that occurs because you left keys in the ignition. 
  • If damage or accident occurs when a car is being driven by a person not named in an insurance policy. 
  • If using the car for a purpose that is excluded in the policy. 

How To Get Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary car insurance is agile and easy to set up. If you are going to purchase it when you drive someone else’s vehicle, you need their permission. The same applies when you are purchasing a car, and you want a cover from the moment you pick it up. In that case, you will need temporary car insurance. You can get temporary vehicle insurance from online providers. You just need to go to the website and fill the application form. The insurer will ask you to provide necessary information that includes your name, address, car details, driving history, and how long you want a cover for. After checking your information and details, the insurance provider gives you a quote. 

How long can you drive without insurance after buying a car?

You can not drive a car without insurance even right after purchase. It is not allowed legally to drive a car without insurance in the UK. If you do so, the police could give a fixed penalty of £300 along with six penalty points on your license. To drive a vehicle in public places or on the road, you should have at least third party insurance. Sometimes it is not convenient to purchase annual car insurance before picking up the car. A temporary car insurance policy can be a solution for this. With different online short term car insurance providers, you can purchase insurance for a few days until you get your annual car insurance.

Benefits Of Temporary Car Insurance

There are several reasons why temporary car insurance can be a better option. Some of which are as follows:

  • People who drive less need flexible insurance that suits their uncertain circumstances. 
  • With short term insurance, you only need to pay for a short period, while in annual car insurance, you have to pay for the whole year whether you use your car regularly or not. 
  • You can get a temporary car insurance quote very fast just by providing the necessary information to online insurance providers.  
  • A short term car insurance provides you with a comprehensive cover. Moreover, it will not affect your ‘no claim bonus.’

To get temporary car insurance, you must check the eligibility criteria. If you meet this criterion, you can get insurance from any provider. Many insurance providers in the UK offer short term car insurance. To get the best deal, you must shop around and make a price comparison. You can visit our comparison page to find out the UK’s best short term car insurance providers. It will help you find the best deal suitable for you without wasting your time and energy.


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