Business Loan

Shortterm Business Loans For Your Business Needs

Whether you are looking for funds to overcome cash flow problems or to cover expansion costs, a short term business loan can provide you with an ideal solution. 

What Is A Short Term Business Loan?

A short term business loan is a loan that can provide you with much-needed business funding. These loans are arranged much faster than regular business loans.

The loan duration can be somewhere between three months to a year, after which you repay the full amount plus the interest.Typically, a business loan in the UK ranges from £1,000 to £1 million, but the amount you can borrow depends on several factors. Such as, the lender you choose, the reason to borrow money, and the current financial health of your business.
Business Loan interest rate per year can change depending on your lender’s business type. It usually ranges between 5% to 10%. Due to the short term nature of the loan, most lenders charge interest on the higher end of the scale.

How Does A Business Loan Work?

A short term business loan works by lending a certain amount of money from a business loan lender such as a bank or any lending platform.

This fund or loan is used by businesses to grow their business or to support a business financially.

The loan amount has to be repaid along with interest after an agreed period. Secured business loans require collateral that the lender can sell if the borrower defaults on the loan.

Unsecured business finance loans do not require any collateral, but they come with a high-interest rate.

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Types Of Short Term Business Loan

Short-term loans are not specific: any loan that is taken out for a short amount of time is known as short-term finance. However, there are some loans that are best suited for business funding. The types of short term business loans include:

It is a type of short term business loan that you can take between a period of providing a service and getting paid for it. Business Loan example of invoice financing is that if you will get payment from customers within 20 days of service, you can use invoice financing during this period to fulfil your financial needs.

This type of financing is more like a credit card, and it is ideal for businesses who are not sure how much money they need exactly. With a business line of credit instead of a lump sum amount, you can take out an amount you need and then repay the amount you use. This type of funding is perfect for businesses that have unpredictable expenses.

It is a type of short term business financing that the borrower repays with the percent of credit card sales. It is a good option for many businesses because the remittance depends on the sale. The interest rate of merchant cash advances is higher than other term loans.

It is a short term financing that is used to finance a company’s everyday operations. You have to repay the loan amount in monthly installments. It is not a good option if you do not have a monthly revenue to repay the loan amount on time.

This type of loan is used to purchase or replace your business equipment where you can lease assets for a specific period. It includes anything from a basic computer to heavy machinery or vehicles.

How To Choose The Right Business Loan?

You must keep some essential things in mind when choosing a short term business loan which includes:

The Amount You Need To Borrow

If you need to borrow a small amount of money, you can get a low business loan rate in the long run. Usually, you can extend the loan if you want to do so.

The Time For Which You Are Borrowing

No doubt, as a borrower, you want to give yourself more time to comfortably repay the loan while giving extra time to yourself for any unforeseen circumstances. However, you must keep in mind that the less time you take to repay the loan, the less interest you will pay.

Affordable Interest Rate

You must take time and decide how much interest rate you can afford to pay before taking out a loan. You must think about the loan term because it has a direct effect on the business loan Interest rate.

Application Fees

Whether you have to pay an application fee or not depends on your lender. Other than the application fee, there can be other charges, such as administration fees, so you must check these charges before taking a loan.


Uses Of Short Term Business Loan

You can use short term business loans for a number of purposes, such as buying equipment, furniture, inventory, emergency repairs, paying wages, and other general needs of your business.

Due to the short term nature, such loans are ideal for resolving temporary cash flow problems, preparing for a seasonal spike, handling emergency expenses, and short term expansion needs.

These loans can not be used to fulfill long term financial requirements or for large financial needs such as purchasing a property or starting another business.


Eligibility Criteria For Short Term Business Loan

The short term business loans eligibility criteria can vary from lender to lender, but there are some common things that you must have to take out a loan.


Pros and Cons of Short Term Business Loan

Pros Of Short term Business Loan

Short term business loans are popular options for business to fulfill their needs. Here are some of their benefits:

Cons Of Short term Business Loan

There are some drawbacks of short term business loans over long term business loans.

How To Apply For A Business Loan?

It is a simple and straightforward process to apply for a short term business finance loan. The application process can vary depending on the lender you choose.


If you choose an online lender, you can complete the application process online. You have to provide some necessary applications such as proof of ownership of the business, tax returns, bank statements, and a copy of your driving license.

Your lender will also check your individual and business credit score. For a secured business loan in the UK, you have to provide collateral.

If your loan application is approved, you will receive funds directly in your bank account within 1 to 2 working days.