Fast Bridging Loan

A quick and flexible funding source
Easy and simple application process
Up to 75% loan to value
Minimum loan amount £24k
Maximum loan amount £5m
Initial quote within 90 minutes
Bridging Loans

Our bridging finance is suitable for a seriously wide range of purposes.

Bridging Finance Key Features
Bridging loan availability
Loans available up to 100% purchase price
Bridging loan terms
Loans terms start from 1 month
quick quote for bridging loan
Get a quick quote within 90 minutes
bridging loan Interest rate
Interest rate from 0.45% per month

Why Consider Bridging Finance?

There are numerous reasons to take out a bridging Finance. Some of which are:
Loans can be taken out against any type of property, be it commercial, residential, or land.
Quick approval within days instead of weeks.
Proof of income is not always needed.
Loan terms and rates can be tailored to borrowers' needs.

How Can Short Term Help You with Fast Bridging Loan?

If you are looking for quick and affordable finance to complete the purchase of a property, the short term can help you in doing that. We are providing the best bridging rates and terms. You can get a loan offer within 90 minutes of your application. Then, after approval, you can get funds in your bank account, usually within 7 days.

Short term works with the top bridge loan companies and provides a quick comparison to help you find the fast bridging loans.

bridging loan

Our Bridging Loan Process

quick quote for bridging loan
Get quick quote
Get quick quote
bridging loan Legal info
Legal info and documentation
Bridging loan availability

Our Bridging Finance Posts

Here’s a couple of case studies from recent bridging completions.

Reasons To Take Out Bridging Loan

quick bridging loan

Speed Of Arrangement

Speed is the essence of bridge finance. We specialise in providing quick bridging loans up to 85% loan to value. We have a team of expert underwriters who complete the process quickly. No matter what your circumstances are, we are always ready to help you.

accepted bad credit

Bad Credit Accepted

As a bridging lender we understand how frustrating it is to be rejected for a loan due to bad credit. However, at short term, we consider your application even if you have a below-average credit score and help in securing a fund you need. We help you in finding best bridging loan rates so that you can repay the loan easily.

Purchasing aucition property

Purchasing Auction Property

If you are thinking of purchasing a property at auction, you can not rely on traditional bank loans as they can take a long time to complete the process. We can complete the process within a matter of days to provide you with a cheap bridge loan as auction finance so that you will not lose on your purchase.

secure a loan

Purchasing Another Property

If you are finding it challenging to secure a loan from high street lenders. A short term bridging finance is ideal for getting funds and quickly purchasing a property.

Tax/VAT Bill

Tax/VAT Bill

You can take out a fast bridging loan against a property you own to pay urgent tax bills. It helps you from penalties for late tax payments by HMRC.

business cash flow

Business Cash Flow

If you need cash to expand your business or to make a purchase for your business. Bridge finance can be an excellent short term solution to overcome business cash flow problems.

Bridging Finance FAQs

Bridge loans are short term in nature. That is why the interest rate is usually higher than the traditional loans. It can vary from 0.4% to 1.5% per month.

A Bridge finance is usually used to complete the purchase or renovation of a property. However, you can use it for any legal purpose, such as purchasing property at auction, paying tax bills and overcoming business cash flow issues.

An exit strategy is a plan that describes how and when you will repay your loan. Usually, you have to repay within a year, and the exit strategy consists mostly of refinancing or property sale.

Bridge finance takes less time compared to traditional property loans. It is completed within a matter of days, and you will get funds transferred to your accounts within seven days after approval.

Bridge loans are the fast source of funding that help you in completing the purchase of a property as compared to long term mortgages. It means that with a bridge finance you can quickly complete the purchase of a buy to let property, however the cost of such loans may be high so you must plan to repay the loan amount as soon as possible to save some money on interest.

If you want to get a quick bridging loan,you must meet the eligibility criteria so that it takes less time in underwriting your loan. You must have a strong exit strategy,good credit score and a valuable property as a collateral to get quick approval for the loan.

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