Bridging Loan Calculator

If you are looking for a reliable bridge finance calculator, you have come to the right place. With our easy to use bridging loan calculator get a detailed instant quote including interest rate, broker fee, valuation fee, and lender fees. It will help you in making an informed decision on whether you can afford to take out a bridging loan or not.

What is A Bridging Loan Calculator?

A bridging loan calculator UK is a tool that lenders use to generate a quote they want to offer when providing a bridging loan. It helps you get an idea about how much you can borrow and the expected interest rate. Keep in mind that an online calculator can only estimate the cost of a bridging loan.

Our bridging loan calculator helps you to get as accurate as possible estimates about the borrowing cost when you want to get bridging finance. You can use our calculator for free, enter all the necessary information and know the cost to find whether you can afford to take a loan or not.

How Does Bridging Finance Calculator Work?

Bridging loans are an excellent way to take out loans and purchase a property, but many individuals are concerned about the loan cost and interest rate. They can use a bridging loan calculator to get an estimate of borrowing costs and make an informed decision.

The bridge finance calculator can be different for different lenders. Borrowers need to add some necessary details, including the loan terms, the number of properties you want to use as security against the loan, the amount you want to borrow, and the property’s value.

The bridge finance calculator can be different for different lenders. Borrowers need to add some necessary details, including the loan terms, the number of properties you want to use as security against the loan, the amount you want to borrow, and the property’s value.

Once you provide all the required information, you will get a quote describing the total borrowing cost and the interest rate you have to pay. The details you have to provide necessarily can be different for different lenders, and some of them also allow you to get a quote with retained or lump sum interest rate according to your requirement.
Bridging Loan Calculator

Bridging Loan Calculator

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How To Use A Bridging Loan Calculator?


To use our bridging finance calculator fill in all the information as accurately as possible and then press submit to get a quote instantly:

Loan terms:
You can take out a loan for one month to 12 months. Enter the term length for which you want to borrow money.
Security Property:
If you want to take out a large amount of money, you can use more than one property as a security against the loan. Enter the number of properties from 1 to 4.
Total property value:
You can not take out a loan for more than the property value. Enter the total property value. If you have a mortgage on your property you have to add mortgage balance.
Net loan amount required:
This is the actual amount you want to borrow before the addition of any additional fees.
Broker Fee:
We act as a broker and match you with the lender that meets your needs. We charge fees to provide our service
Total loan:
 It will show the total cost of bridging loan including interest rate and additional fees.

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Types Of Bridging Loan Calculator?

Every bridging lender has a different bridging finance calculator, and it usually depends on how they calculate the interest rate. That is why you will see a variation in quotes from different lenders. In addition, some calculators only provide information about the interest rate, while others are multi-functional and give you an estimate of the total borrowing cost.

Cost Of Bridging Finance Calculators :


This type of calculator provides you with the overall cost of bridging debt. The borrowing cost includes the amount you want to borrow, the interest rate and the additional fees that you have to pay. Standard calculators provide a quote on the basis of the general information you enter, such as your deposit amount, exit strategy and term length, but some lenders are using advanced calculators that take other variables into account.

We act as a broker, and you can use our bridge loan calculator to get a quick quote. In addition, you can connect with us to chat with experienced bridging finance experts and make an inquiry.

Interest calculators

Some bridging lenders use a single calculator to work out the bridging loan rates. However, the interest rate depends on various factors such as loan terms, exit strategy and the type of bridge loan you want to take out.

Bridging lenders usually charge interest rates in three different ways, including retained, rolled up and monthly.

Loan Term:

You have to pay an interest rate monthly, and it is calculated in the same way as for an interest-only mortgage.

Rolled Up:

Your interest rate is added to the loan amount every month and compounded. You can pay the total interest rate as a lump sum at the end of loan terms.


Lenders calculate the interest rate in the beginning for all the months for which you are borrowing. You can pay the interest at the end or sooner whenever you want.

Bridge loan Rate calculator

Lenders use bridging loan rate calculators to work out how much interest rate they will charge from the borrowers. To do this, they will enter information like the credit score of borrowers, their experience in property and the interest percentage on the basis of the risk a borrower has.

How is Bridging Loan Interest calculated?

Bridge loan interest rates can be calculated in different ways depending on the lender. We work with lenders that also offer rolled-up interest, so the borrowers do not need to pay monthly. It is ideal for those who have monthly cash flow issues. The interest rate does not mainly depend on the borrowers’ interest rate, but it depends on the value of the property a borrower is using against the loan. The more the value of your property, the less interest you have to pay.

Bridging lenders show flexibility, and you can pay interest rates monthly or at the end of the loan terms, whatever suits you the most.

How Do I Qualify For A Loan?

The loan criteria vary from lender to lender. However, bridging lenders are flexible in terms of:

Credit score
Borrower's maximum age.
Conditions of property people are using as security.
Using multiple properties as security.
Time of the loan arrangement.
Income of the borrowers

Bridging lenders are highly concerned about the following:

The value of the property you are using as collateral.
Exit strategy ( the plan that describes how and when you will repay the loan).
You can get a loan easily when you meet the eligibility criteria.